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Due to the agressive attack against smoking now taking place in a number of countries and communities, we have designed and patented a folding, fireproof, portable ashtray. Because of its low cost, it is a disposable product.
The smoker can easily dispose of the ashes and butts in this small device, easing any anxiety or inconvenience he might feel. When the ashtray is folded close, the contents are odorless and fireproof. The smoker can keep it in his pocket, purse or briefcase until he has the opportunity to dispose of it in a trash container.
It solves the problem of the lack of ashtrays in airports or in any area where smoking might be discouraged. When closed it becomes hermetically sealed. It serves as a safe and ecological receptacle on the street, in wooded areas or other places of risk.
The surface of the folding fireproof portable ashtray can also be used for advertising messages.

"Disposable Ashtray" solves the problem of the lack of ashtray.



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