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According to the E.P.A.(United States Environmental Protection Agency), toilet flushing represents 45% of the total indoor water consumption. The average household flushes 20 times a day and uses between 4 and 5 gallons per flush.

In order to save when flushing the toilet, several approaches heve been taken. One is to introduce devices into the flush tank such as dams, bricks, bottles and plastic bags. Another method is an early closure device. The main disadvantage of these devices is the permanent restriction of the flush. A better solution is the "Dual Flush" device.

The dual flush system

This solution takes into consideration a simple but important fact : five out of six flushes (about 85%) are for liquid waste only. Not much can be saved when the toilet is used for solid disposal. This is the reason why dams, bricks and bags inside the flush tank do not perform well. However, up to 60% of the flush can be saved when disposing of liquid waste.

Dual flush toilet retrofit devices, under average conditions can flush your toilet with 1.5 gallons, which represents a saving of about 25% in the water bill.

Main features:

(*) Note: Always use a total discharge when flushing solids.

The simplicity of the device and its special plastic components guarantees many years of service.


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