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In normal practice, a hypodermic needle is inserted into its protective cap after the administration of the injection. If this is not done with great care by the health professional or by someone less skilled, and the needle comes in contact with that person´s skin, there is the danger of transmitting some disease with which the patient might be infected. This could include AIDS and different types of Hepatitis.
This type of accident might be caused by work load, stress, the press of time during high volume vaccinations, small size needles or simply the lack of medical staff experience.
Hospitals and health centers provide suitable containers for syringes with their protective caps in appropriate locations, but portable protection devices that conveniently fit in the medical practitioner´s pocket do not exist.
When one considers that the used needle is a potential source of serious infection and that the hand of the health professional is the area most prone to exposure, then this shield, designed specifically to protect the hand, is a viable solution to this type of risk.

Objective of the device is to prevent infection of the medical practitioner that might result from contact with the needle of a syringe following the administration of an injection. The device prevents accidental contact of the needle when it is returned to its protective cap.


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