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Background of the invention

The principal problem in the daily use of butane bottles is to know the remaining gas level. To give us an idea of how much gas is left, itīs necessary lifts the bottle. This can be very damaging to the health. Lifting the bottle does not an accurate measure. Taking into account that many users are housewives and elderly people. Lifting the bottle causes lumbar verterbras hernias,backache and shoulder tendinitis. These are the most frequent disorders from this type of lifting. You must know that the empty bottle weighs between 13 Kilos and 14,5 kilosand a full bottle weighs 25 kilos. The GAS ALERT offers a viable solution to this problem, thanks to its characteristics.

Main Features:

To be left without hot water in the middle of a shower or without fire in the middle of preparing a meal are inconvenient situations resolved thanks to GAS ALERT. But without a doubt,your health will be the main beneficiary with the use of this product.


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